Warm Aloha from Hawaii and from our new sister farm in California!

Rainbow Ridge Farm is a family Hawai’i homestead perched on the slopes of Maui. In 2004, I began making goat milk soap using the milk from our rare breed of Nigerian goats in my farm kitchen. I also made Vegan essential oil soaps for my family, friends, and as gifts for many folks. My goal was to create a natural and healthy soap for my family and friends. For the base of the soap, I used only the very best ingredients locally sourced. I chose coconut, palm, olive, and kukui oils with home grown botanicals from my farm and local sources. The result was a luxurious and healing soap my family and friends loved!

Over the holidays that first year, I gifted the soap to many friends, the cashier at the local market, the post office man, the librarian, and more. The response to the excellence and healing properties of the soaps soon spread like wild fire and a small burgeoning business was born.

Today, I continue to commit to creating and procuring the highest quality hand-made products that truly embrace the essence and spirit of purity, health, and nature. Rainbow Ridge Farm products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. The result is a unique handmade natural high quality healing product and gift for you and your loved ones.

Please enjoy perusing the vintage labeled themed soaps that can also be purchased wholesale in bulk and upon approval of your retail store. RRF Soaps can also be private labeled for any business or demographic for increased local sales.

Mahalo and thank you so much for visiting!

($7.44 On Any Size Order shipped in the USA)

Denise Fleetham
Rainbow Ridge Farm Maui, Hawai’i